A Banker Explores NYC

Ever since we saw the recent article written by the New York Times about Chris Arnade's series of photographs documenting the faces of addiction in the Bronx, we've been sort of obsessed with his engrossing Flickr archive, which features thirty sets of images shot all around NYC.

While most urban explorers seem interested in bearing witness to the past by delving into the history and meaning behind the relics they seek out, Arnade is exploring New York by engaging with marginalized or ignored communities and neighborhoods. His series on addicts sits alongside fascinating explorations of pigeon keepers, Barbershops, and specific neighborhoods like Red Hook and Sunset Park. Interestingly, Arnade has amassed this incredible body of work on days free from his 9-to-5 working as a banker. The tension between Arnade's white-collar career and the subjects he so lovingly documents makes his work all the more fascinating.

Arnade's images are rich with emotion and immediately absorb the viewer into the worlds of his subjects. As impressive as they look on the screen, they are most striking viewed as traditional prints, hung on a gallery wall. New Yorkers should try their best to check out his current exhibition, Portraits and Pigeons, which is running through April 4 at the Urban Folk Art Gallery at 101 Smith Street, in Brooklyn.

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