Where there was a narrow alleyway in Warsaw’s Wola district, there will soon be what might be the skinniest home in the world.

Designed by Jakub Szczesny, the building is technically recognized as an art installation as its petite dimensions, 28 inches at its narrowest, rule out being classified as a legal residence due to Polish zoning laws.

The building will have off-grid plumbing inspired by boat sewage technology and an electricity supplied from a neighbor. To save space, the entry stairs will fold up at the press of a button and become part of the first floor.

Named Ermitage, the space will be a workplace, a "hermitage," for Israeli writer Etgar Keret. It will also fulfill a function of a studio for invited guests — young creators and designers from all over the world.

Located between the buildings on 22 Chlodna Street and 74 Zelazna Street, construction is slated for completion in December.

It makes us think of sci-fi deep space explorations. Assuming a malevolent computer isn't included in the construction, we'd love to explore this unique Polish gem — it wouldn't take long to take in the whole thing!

The raw space before construction:

Images: Centrala
Via: Fast Co. Design

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